I can not say enough about this program!!  In 2004 our family was in debt over $100k.. this did not include the home we were buying at the time.  In 2007, through a friend we met a financial consultant who offered his service for free (as a ministry).  Praise God.. because at this point in our life we couldn’t so much as afford to eat from the $1 menu at McDonalds.  He used bits of the Dave Ramsey method combined with his own ideas and experience.  It wasn’t long and we were on our way to financial freedom!!

A couple years later we saw a flyer at our church for a preview class of the Financial Peace University. We were unable to attend so I Googled for more information and discovered we could take the classes in our own home.  As soon as we committed ourselves to following the “Baby Steps” to financial victory, things began to fall into place fairly quick for us!!

The “Baby Steps”
1. Emergency Fund ($1000)
2. The Debt Snowball (until ALL debt is paid)
3. Fully Funded Emergency Fund (3-6 months of expenses)
4. Retirement
5. College Fund
6. Paid off Mortgage
7. Build Wealth & Give

At this point, it is 2011 and my husband had been promoted and earning us some pretty good bonuses!!  It took us about 4 or 5 months to tackle the first step.  Another few months followed and we were able to tackle step 2 paying off our two automobiles and all but one Debtor.  The remaining of our debt was about $15k (student loan).  Due to such a low monthly payment/interest rate we chose to continue making monthly payments to this one debtor and build up step 3, which is complete (for now).  We are pretty good on step 4 and still building, thanks to my husbands employer.  We have looked into step 5 and will begin contributing at a later time (following completion of step 2).  We are good on step 6 as we continue to rent (preferably until we can pay cash for a home)…

And as for step 7.. I did not mention earlier that in 2004 my husband struggled with “tithing”.. We were so financially stressed, he believed the Lord would want us to pay on our debt before giving.  However after we began this journey to financial freedom, around 2007 he began to tithe a little at a time, then 10% of our net pay.  It seemed the more we gave the faster our debt vanished and our savings increased.. We are so convinced about giving, we now tithe 10% of our gross pay.. (Yep! right off the top!) plus some, and give to others in many other ways!!  We are now working on tackling step 2 to get the remaining of our debt paid!!