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Our calling is how we can make an everlasting difference and bring glory to God.  Discovering your calling is a dynamic and personal journey with God.  You deepen your understanding as you listen to how God speaks to your heart.

Live an examined life  Be willing  to look at yourself: where you’ve come from, where you’re at now, where you’re going.. and understand who you’re not.  Take time to reflect, pray, and discover were God is leading you.

Clarify your giftedness and passion…  learn how God has uniquely created you.  Pursue a calling that matches your giftedness and passion.  Understand what you’re unique abilities, strengths, spiritual gifts, and life experiences are all about.  How can you use all of your giftedness to have influence and make an impact for the kingdom of God?  Use the Bible, books, assessment tools, sermons, or whatever helps you to become all God has created you to become.  God made only one you; dare to make a vibrant contribution in this world.

Live an intentional life  Spend quality time with God.  When you have a relationship with God, He will reveal your calling.  Be courageous and dare to go where He leads you.  If God is calling you, He will give you everything you need.  You were created to be the hands and heart of the living God.  Use everything He has given you to bring goodness and hope to a hurting and broken world and to bring glory to the King of Kings.  Live a story worth being told!

Angela Bisignano has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a Masters degree in Ministry. She is author of “Beautifully Gifted: Equipping Today’s Women for the High Calling of God”.  She is in private practice in Southern California.  In 2011, CBN named her one of the “Top 6 Women Leaders to Follow”.  Connect with her at www.drangelabisignano.com, www.twitter/angelabisignano, or www.facebook.com/angelagozzibisignano.