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When I was a little girl I don’t remember ever playing with Barbie dolls.  I think I preferred my stuffed animals and my Cabbage Patch doll over Barbie.. sorry Barb!!  Then I decided to get our oldest daughter two Barbie’s, which she was never allowed to play with because they were too pretty and I didn’t want her to mess their beautiful hair and clothes up.. they were just for looks!!  These weren’t just any Barbie’s.. they were special.. they might have even been “limited edition” Barbie’s!!  Over time I bought her other Barbie’s she could play with, but these two were just for looks!!  I eventually ended up building a fashion show stage scaled to their size for a class project while studying Fashion Design at the Art Institute.

Then a couple Christmas‘ ago, I bought her the “Generation of Dreams” Barbie.  It’s not exactly what you would in most cases purchases for a 16 year old, and I thought she might think it to be silly and a waisted gift, but nope! she loved it just as much as I did!!

Recently, while I was in a session with my voice coach, she said to start getting a clearer vision for my music and my audience.. a short while following our session as I was out shopping I came across two Barbie’s I absolutely fell in love with!!  And yes, I purchased them.. this time it was for myself!!  And it was in this moment I realized that all along I wasn’t purchasing Barbie for my daughter, it was for non other than my own obsession and love for fashion and inspiration!!  But, I don’t just purchase any Barbie.. no, there is usually something about her look.. maybe it’s her hair, or her clothes, or maybe even the boxed background she is displayed against!!

And as for my daughters first two Barbie’s.. she eventually started sneaking them from display and playing with them.. their clothes were changed over and over, and their hair was pulled out of their original style.. eventually I think I just gave up and gave them to goodwill as she got older.. they just weren’t quite the same on display!! 🙂